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BMW Club Activities

A chance to meet
To join friends over a drink and catch up on the latest in BMW news. Meetings are held monthly and newsletters provide regular BMW information
A chance to compete
A full range of competition events and days, suited to all levels, are regularly held by all Clubs.
A chance to learn
BMW is all about Driving and Riding. Our member clubs can help you through training days designed to make you a safer and more confident driver or rider, with special pricing on BMW Driver Training.
A family affair
Bring the kids - they'll have a ball! In some non-speed events they outdo their parents! Many of the older children will almost certainly surprise the adults with their knowledge of BMWs.
A chance to enjoy
Restaurant nights, BBQ evenings, weekend or day trips and a whole range of other activities.
We'll keep you going
Member Clubs carry libraries of BMW publications and videos and can help with sourcing parts and accessories for the older BMWs as well as directing you to authorised BMW service centres.